Ms Liza Hazarika

Ms Liza Hazarika is a student counsellor with an open and versatile approach to Psychology. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Handique Girl’s College followed by her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Amity University. Ms Hazarika has worked as an On-call counsellor and Mental Well-being trainer with the Forward Seamen Union of India and International Transports’ Federation. She has also worked with different NGOs like Pratishruti Cancer and Palliative Trust, Protsahan, Aarogya Seva, etc. as Trainer, Educator and On-call Counsellor.

Ms Liza Hazarika is a certified Spiritual Therapist (Angel Therapy, Aura Therapy, Reiki Healer, Tarot reader, Akashic Records Reader, etc.) from Amrit Asmi Institute of Living and Dream Analyst from Psychosiksha (ISO Certified:9001:2015 and Internationally Certified by EADL). She is also a member of the Global Mental Health Foundation, Disputatio Society, Handique Girls’ College, and Counsellor Council of India.

She believes in a holistic approach to treatment and uses different new-age techniques to help her clients/students to deal with new-age problems and stressors. She has worked with clients having depressive symptoms, anxiety issues, relationship issues, adolescent problems, abuse, PTSD, stress, anger management, etc. Her goal is to provide a safe, nonjudgmental space in which her students/clients can open up and share their emotions, experiences, thoughts, and dreams without the fear of being judged.

Ms Liza Hazarika can be reached at :