Assistant Director, Department of Student Affairs

Miss Revathi Balakrishnan has been in the field of tertiary education for more than a decade now. She holds M.Com.and MBA degrees. As an educator, her aim has been to tap into the latent potential of students to make them realise their vast capabilities. Interacting with students is what most energises and enthuses her for that is where she is most grounded to envision her contribution to their education and growth. The numerous invitations extended to her to speak at career counselling fora and soft skills development programs for students are a testament to her focus and commitment to help students find meaningful and successful careers. Ms Balakrishnan is particularly entrusted in making students ready for global society as they graduate. This has allowed her to forge several industry-academia collaborations to engender a certain permeability in the interaction between institutions.

Ms Balakrishnan places particular emphasis on student engagement, retention and empowerment in her professional philosophy. She has been actively involved in the academic advising and pastoral care of students on campus and several outreach activities. On-campus, Ms Balakrishnan is committed to instilling in students a sense of communal belonging and encouraging them on to academic success with their eyes on being responsible and productive global citizens.

Ms Balakrishnan’s, multidisciplinary educational leanings and an ever-inquisitive mind have endowed her with a peripatetic approach to life from which she continually draws to broaden and deepen her vision for a liberal education.