Dr Sayantan Mandal

Dr Sayantan Mandal, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics is a dynamic young leader at SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh. He is also the Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs, a forum that oversees and follows up the activities of students graduating from our university. Alumni Affairs aims to sustain the connection between SRM University-AP and its alumni, maintain the database of alumni, and coordinate with the interests of the alumni. As a meritorious individual during his research years, Dr Mandal had been a recipient of the Academic Excellence Award from IIT Hyderabad.

After obtaining his doctoral degree in 2014 from IIT Hyderabad, he worked as a Research Associate at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He has to his credit, 6 high-impact journal publications and 9 paper presentations at various international conferences.

Before joining SRM University AP- Andhra Pradesh, he had worked as an Assistant Professor for mathematics at NIT Sikkim and Adamas University, West Bengal. His research areas of interest include Fuzzy Relational Inference Mechanisms, Fuzzy Relational Equations, Bandler-Kohout Subproduct Inference Mechanisms, Similarity-Based Reasoning, TSK Fuzzy Systems, Suitability of different types of Inference mechanism, Adaptive Fuzzy Systems and Experiential Learning Theory.