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J Abbas Mohammad was in a state of absolute euphoria as the news reached him. He has been placed with Predli, a top-performing AI company, with a staggering offer of CTC 44.91 LPA. With one more achievement to flaunt, SRM is surging ahead with an endless list of placement offers and achievement stories. Abbas is a final year student of the Department of Computer Science Engineering who has already demonstrated his calibre by grabbing a seat at UC Berkeley through the Semester Abroad Programme. His sheer will and dedication have always helped him break the records and fly to further heights.

SRM University-AP happened to be the perfect place that shaped him up to pursue the career of his dreams. Our collaboration with leading enterprises in the world turned out to be an excellent avenue for many to walk ahead to a horizon of opportunities. The Department of Corporate Relations & Careers Services is also doing an amazing job in training the students and encouraging them to apply for the best available prospects. Let us listen to Abbas as he pours out his excitement.

“I am truly delighted to have received this high-paying placement offer. And all of this became possible with the exposure I received from my university. I kept abreast of the latest technologies in the software industry and applied them through practical projects as part of our co-curricular activities in classrooms and university labs such as the Next Tech Lab. The experienced faculty and specially curated curriculum we follow here will always give an extra edge to the students. I am indeed thankful to Dr Sujith Kalluri and Dr Priyanka for assisting me on several occasions”, he said.

placement predli

“It is the Semester Abroad Program at UC Berkeley, which allowed me to build a strong international networks, that eventually led to this offer. I’m immensely fortunate to land the job of my dream. In future, I hope to advance professionally and adapt to greater leadership roles with the goal of starting my own venture”, remarked Abbas.

Academic allianceThe Department of Corporate Relations & Career Services at SRM University-AP collaborates with Ziroh Labs for the Academic Alliance Program. Under this academic alliance program, Ziroh labs will be acquiring patent solutions and other project developments from the renowned faculty of SRM in coordination with the creative pool of students/scholars.

The Earn While You Learn (EWL) Program enables the students of SRM University-AP to furnish and co-develop the products with Ziroh labs and get rewarded monetarily. Ziroh labs will provide the frameworks, guidelines, and documentation required to complete a project. Participants will receive mentorship from industry experts on live projects and have an opportunity to meet with some of today’s finest minds in innovation. Ziroh Labs will also provide Internship and Placement opportunities to SRM University-AP students.

Representatives from Ziroh Labs expressed their gratitude to Dr R Premkumar-Registrar, Mr M S Vivekanandan, Associate Director- Corporate Relations & Career Services and Mr P. Venkateswara Rao-Senior Manager, Internship, Corporate Relations & Career Services for making this collaboration possible.

1000+ Placement Offers

Our students have broken the highest salary for maiden batch placement offer records, our students have received best trainings and internships. And now, we can boast that we have crossed 1000+ placement offers. The Department of Corporate Relations and Career Services (CR&CS) is committed to taking the students to the next level of success. With more than 600 recruiting partners, the CR&CS team has ensured 100% placement for the students of SRM University-AP.

The CR&CS team regularly organises placement training sessions and provides placement support. The students were provided with skill training, industry-readiness assistance, as well as interview tips online and offline which helped many of them secure placement offers from dream companies and super dream companies with lucrative salaries.

PlacementPurab Agarwal, Chaitanya Krishna Pasula, Srinivas Kalyan, Udayagiri Sathvik, Myneni Venkata Satyasai, Gunturu Abhijith from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and Vellampalli Medha V Subramahnya Aditya and Sai Jnaneswar Juvvisetty from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering are excited about their placement with Marquee offers up to ₹42.5 LPA. These students from the most sought Engineering branches of SRM University-AP burned the midnight oil and have achieved the best!

Our placement team has thoroughly trained the students both in terms of technical expertise and soft skills, as the recruiters shortlist the best young talent who are passionate, devoted to learning, and bubbling with fresh and creative ideas. The talent and motivation of students, together with the intensive instruction they have received since the beginning of their BTech programme, have enabled them to excel in the recruitment drive. The CR&CS department feels that this is just the start of the placement season and that many more outstanding students are eager to demonstrate their abilities to obtain fantastic job offers from top-tier employers.

“I have gained a lot of knowledge from faculty members. All the questions asked in the interview were related to the curriculum of SRM AP”, says Udayagiri in enthusiasm. “The support extended by the placement department as training before the placement and during the placement was also very helpful to crack this interview. The sources or materials that were provided to me before the interview were very helpful to me to crack the interview”, he added.

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