Department Overview

The CR&CS department is headed by Mr MS Vivekanandan. As the Associate Director, Corporate Relations and Career Services, SRM University-AP, Mr Vivekanandan oversees the Placement Office (PO) and the Career Development Centre (CDC). His vast experience, knowledge and wisdom have been proven to be instrumental in forging partnerships with industry for recruitment, internships and facilitating active industry-institute linkages for mutual benefit.

The rise in global competition has prompted organisations to devise strategies to have a talented and innovative workforce to gain a competitive edge. Developing an internship policy is an impactful strategy for creating a future talent pool for the industry. The Internship program not only helps fresh pass-outs in gaining professional know-how but also benefits corporate on fresh perspectives on business-related issues and even discovering future business leaders.

The Department of Corporate Relations & Career Services (CR&CS) at SRM University-AP interacts closely with the industry to make the university a favoured destination for national and international organisations looking to recruit fresh talent. The CR&CS Department, SRM University-AP welcomes all eligible students to take active parts in the Placement Process for the Placement Season 2020-21. SRMAP considers the Placement Process to be very crucial and extends every kind of support to ensure that the students are given the best opportunities to streamline their career interests.

The placement team continuously endeavours to ensure that SRMAP comes up with the best Placement results and continues to be the most favoured destination for recruiting organisations. This is possible only with the assistance and full co-operation of all students.
In order to maximise the benefits of all the stakeholders, the Placement Policy for the students has evolved over the years. To realise a win-win situation for SRM Chennai and our partner organisations, all students are expected to understand the Placement Policy and follow it strictly. It may be noted that some policy changes may take place during the year in the best interest of the whole batch.

The placement policy applies to all students registered for the 2020-21 Campus Placements of SRM University-AP (including the ones who may de-register) and is to be followed during the entire duration of the placement season.


CR&CS strives to set the bar higher in terms of performance and to meet the expectations of the key stakeholders, including industry, students, parents and management.


CR&CS Department is to guide students to choose the right career and to give knowledge, skill, and aptitude and meet the human resources requirements of the industry.