Sri Ritika Katragadda

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Aayusi Biswas

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Pesala Sai Tanmayi

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Sri Harsha Tavidisetty

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29.5 lakhs

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Employment Partner

Mr. Sriram S. Padmanabhan Director - CR & CS

Department Overview

The rise in global competition has prompted organisations to devise strategies to have a talented and innovative workforce to gain a competitive edge. Developing an internship policy is an impactful strategy for creating a future talent pool for the industry. The Internship program not only helps fresh pass-outs in gaining professional know-how but also benefits corporate on fresh perspectives on business-related issues and even discovering future business leaders.
The Department of Corporate Relations & Career Services (CR&CS) at SRM University-AP interacts closely with the industry to make the university a favoured destination for national and international organisations looking to recruit fresh talent. The CR&CS Department, SRM University-AP welcomes all eligible students to take active parts in the Placement Process for the Placement Season 2020-21. SRMAP considers the Placement Process to be very crucial and extends every kind of support to ensure that the students are given the best opportunities to streamline their career interests. Read More

What We Do?

Director's Address

With first graduating batch ready to go out and ace the world, SRM University, AP is all prepared to deliver the world-class professionals to the industry.

Mr Sriram S Padmanabhan, Director, Corporate Relations and Career Services is talking about the opportunities that are waiting to be explored by our fresh graduates. Watch on.

Industry Engagement

The Department of Corporate Relations and Career Services of SRM University AP, Andhra Pradesh conducted a webinar on “Future Skills in a Digital World”. The Industry Readiness Webinar Series provide a forum for the industry experts to share their experience with the students. The webinars are engaging and provides a broader spectrum about the expectations and the pedagogy required to bridge the gap between academia and the industry in various aspects. Mr. Bikram Nayak was invited as a guest for the webinar on May 16th, 2020, Saturday.

"SRM AP took a great initiative to conduct training sessions, soft skills training programmes, and given us the opportunity to work with Departmental Head on projects which helped in developing my skills", speaks Talari Hrisheekesh, Department of CSE, SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh on grabbing the job offer at Health Rx with a CTC of 12 LPA.

Student's Corner

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