Dr Karthik Rajendran

Dr Karthik Rajendran is a highly regarded academic with a wealth of experience in teaching, research, and institutional building. As the Associate Dean of Quality Assurance and Rankings at SRM University-AP, Dr Rajendran is responsible for ensuring the highest possible standards in all university areas, with a particular focus on improving its reputation and visibility in the world of academia.

With a background that includes experience in the US and Europe, Dr Rajendran brings a wealth of international perspectives and best practices to SRM University-AP. His research interests are highly interdisciplinary and span the fields of energy, profitability, and sustainability. According to research from Stanford University, he ranks among the top 2% of highly cited scientists in his field.

In addition to his leadership role at SRM University-AP, Dr Rajendran also oversees the Department of Environmental Science. He has published 80+ articles and book chapters and has a strong record of accomplishing innovative and impactful research. With his multifaceted approach to academic work, Dr Rajendran is poised to make a significant impact in the years to come.