Department of Mathematics is organising the 17th Departmental Weekly Seminar on October 13, 2021, at 3 pm. Prof Indranath Sengupta from IIT Gandhinagar will be addressing the students on “Unboundedness of Betti numbers of some families of curves in affine and projective spaces”. Prof Indranath Sengupta will discuss some problems related to the unboundedness of Betti numbers of families of affine curves defined by Numerical semigroups. He will also indicate possible connections, with the help of examples, between the unboundedness of the last Betti number and the Cohen-Macaulayness of the projective closure of these affine curves. This work has been carried out in collaboration with Ranjana Mehta, Joydip Saha & Pranjal Srivastav.

Mathematics Departmental Seminar is widely popular among students and Mathematics enthusiasts. This seminar provides a homey environment where students can interact with renowned mathematicians. Eminent mathematicians and scholars have visited SRM University-AP and enjoyed conversations with students. Everyone is encouraged to take part in the exciting journey through the realms of Mathematics with Prof Indranath Sengupta on October 13, 2021, at 3 pm.

SRMAP Eminent Lecture SeriesCareer development skills are the difference between the person who seeks inspiration and the person who becomes one. SRM University-AP is happy to introduce Dr Manu K. Vora, a world-renowned mentor and facilitator to our Master’s students, PhD scholars and faculty members on October 23, 2021, Saturday from 9.00 am to 11.00 am for a session on “Career Development Guidance”.

Dr Vora is an ASQ (American Society of Quality) fellow and had previously served as Vice-President of ASQ Board of Directors and Chairperson of ASQ Chicago Section. He is also a member of AICTE-NEP 2020 Implementation Plan Committee. He had received his B. Tech degree from IIT, BHU and his M.S. and PhD from IIT, Chicago. He also has an MBA degree specializing in Marketing Management from Keller GSM in Chicago.

He has till date developed and offered career development and enhancement skills to over one million people. Dr Vora has also been featured in TED Talks both in India and USA. He has received 56 awards for professional soft skills and leadership development. But his contribution is not just limited to the professional skillsets with which he equips his audience. He has also received 35 awards for his philanthropic activities and has been the President of the Blind Foundation of India since 1989.

Presently, the President and the Chairperson of Business Excellence, Dr Vora has 46 years of Leadership experience guiding Fortune 500 companies and 28 years as Adjunct Faculty Globally in Operations Management. He has so far delivered 1170 presentations, published 70 scholarly articles, written 50 blogs on Quality Management and contributed his skills for the development of 680 educational institutes around the world.

To have such an eminent personality guide us is an opportunity second to none. We believe it will give our Master’s students and PhD scholars the career enhancement skills on which to build their presence in our brand and to develop the career development skills that would make them feathers in our cap. Make use of this exclusive opportunity to acquire the skills that are a match to the global leaders on October 23, 2021, Saturday from 9.00 am to 11.00 am with Dr Manu K. Vora.

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