Governments from across the globe highlight the need to scale up effective mental health services at all levels in the Covid-19 pandemic. As a part of observing World Mental Health Day, SRM University-AP is organising a three-day webinar series on the dates 8, 9, 10 October 2021, to raise awareness among students regarding preventable psychological conditions.

On October 8, at 6.45 pm, Ms Samitha, Counselling Psychologist with Fortis Malar, Chennai will take the session on the topic “Mastering your Mood”. On the second day, Dr Ninad Patwardhan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, SRM University-AP will elucidate on the topic “All stress begins with your thoughts” at 6.45 pm. Psychotherapist and Special Educator Dr Vasuprada Kartic will engage the session on October 10 on the topic “Mental health for 360-degree success” at 5 pm.

One of the primary causes of psychological disability is depression. Suicide is the second-biggest cause of death in people aged 15 to 29. Assistance for mental and neurological conditions have been severely hampered during the lockdown period. Some groups have been particularly affected, including health and other frontline workers, students, persons living alone, and those with pre-existing mental health issues.

About the Speakers:

Dr Vasuprada Kartic holds double Masters in Counseling and Psychotherapy with a Diploma in Special Education and is a PhD (AM) in Holistic Psychotherapy using complementary and alternative tools. She works as a Psychotherapist in private practice. She’s also a trainer and a live television counsellor.

Ms Samitha has volunteered actively in various Nonprofit organizations such as Sarvahitey that works towards equipping rural kids from age 5-13 with important life skills through interactive ways. She was also a part of a nonprofit organization called FEEL-IT which works towards spreading mental health awareness as well as promoting the use of sanitary menstrual products among the rural population.

Dr Ninad Patwardhan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at SRM University-AP. His research areas include cognitive psychology, social psychology and personality psychology.

Make sure you join these informative and healing sessions from 8 to 10 October 2021, organised as part of World Mental Health Day.

pavan mohan SRM University-AP is proud to announce that Pavan Mohan Neelamraju, a student of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) has shown extraordinary problem-solving abilities and won the TATA InnoVerse SolverHunt 10 and has been rewarded with Rs. 25,000.

The TATA InnoVerse SolverHunt poses challenges to aspiring innovative students in the fields of scientific and technological research. The students are required to come up with solutions individually and the most viable solutions are rewarded with exciting cash prizes, certificates of recognition and an invaluable opportunity to learn from experts in the industry.

Pavan’s challenge in the TATA InnoVerse SolverHunt was to classify steel wire bundles based on their shining appearance. Pavan developed an algorithm which quantified the gloss in the image using image processing and machine learning techniques. The algorithm went through three rounds of rigorous evaluation before being declared best.

Though Pavan worked on his solutions all by himself adhering to the guidelines of the TATA InnoVerse SolverHunt, he believes his vastly flexible course choices helped him a lot. The knowledge and perspective he gained in “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” coupled with the hands-on experience he acquired while working on cutting edge technology as a part of Next Tech Lab at SRM AP enabled him to make vital winning decisions.

“The academic work has actually helped me to think out of the box and to imagine a wide range of possibilities to a single problem,” Pavan thanked Dr Ramesh (HOD ECE) and Prof. Siva Shankar along with the faculty of ECE Department for grooming him. In industrial problems such as the ones provided by TATA InnoVerse SolverHunt Pavan was able to implement machine learning and image processing which he had learnt in classroom.

We, the SRM Family, wish Pavan luck for all his future endeavours and plans which include obtaining a doctorate degree as well as working in teaching and research fields. Winning TATA InnoVerse SolverHunt is the first step on the path of recognition for him. We are extremely pleased that he could serve as an inspiration to all the students out there.