In the 4th chapter of the “Eminent Guest Lecture Series: An Odyssey of Physics”, the Department of Physics welcomes Dr Kalobaran Maiti to deliver the keynote address. Winner of the “Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology” in the category of Physical Sciences in 2010, Dr Kalobaran Maiti is an exemplary researcher. We are honoured to host him at SRM University-AP for his talk on “Selective Electron Excitations in Iron-based Superconductors,” on October 09 2021 at 10:00 am .


Solids, a collection of a huge number (~10 23 ) of atoms, exhibit exotic behaviour due to complex interplay of spin, charge, orbital and lattice degrees of freedom that makes the study of the origin of such exoticism difficult. Heating a system via any method leads to excitation of all the degrees of freedom together. Therefore, studying the effect of a particular degrees of freedom without affecting others is a formidable task. We have discovered a unique method to heat electrons of a selected symmetry without affecting the other electrons via aligning the polarization of a pump light along the orbital lobe of the selected electrons to be heated, then study the excited system using a probe beam in a pump-probe experiment, called time-resolved ARPES. We demonstrated that it is possible to excite the selected electrons without affecting other electrons. Some published results [1,2] will be discussed in connection to the results of Fe-based superconductors.

About the speaker:

Currently a professor at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai (TIFR), Dr Kalobaran Maiti specialises in Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science. He received the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for his contribution in the field of very high-resolution photoelectron spectroscopy in understanding the physics of metal-insulator transition, charge density wave and Kondo systems. Dr Maiti obtained his PhD from the Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore (IISc) and is now a fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Sciences and Indian National Science Academy.

We encourage you to make use of this exclusive opportunity to interact with Dr Kalobaran Maiti and understand better the scopes and pathways for aspirants of a career in scientific research on October 09, 2021 at 10.00 am .

SRM University-AP paid floral tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 152nd birth anniversary on October 2, 2021, at the university campus. Vice-Chancellor, Prof V S Rao; Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof D Narayana Rao; Director- Campus Life Management, Wg Cmdr Venkataachalam Sekkappan; and Assistant Director- Student Affairs, Ms Revathi Balakrishnan talked about the venerable life of Mahatma that inspired civil rights movements across the world.

Every year on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, prayer sessions and tributes are held across the country. Mahatma Gandhi, who was instrumental in India’s freedom, is recognised for his nonviolence and truth ideals, which he began to practise early in his life. The ideals of Mahatma Gandhi motivated the freedom fighters to think of “Swaraj” and quietly work for it. Non-violence was his motto and India could free herself from colonial authority without violence because of his ideals.


Dr Naga Bhushana Rao Karampudi

Dr Shaheen Kelachan T