To the members of the Class of 2021

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of SRM AP! Every day at a dynamic University should be special. But the day of Graduation is always the most special. Several years of dedicated studies, making a foundation for a career and not the least becoming an educated person is something to celebrate. Also this Graduating Class at SRM AP is specially special, if not saying historic. You are the Maiden Graduating Class, in other word the pioneers of SRM AP, but also pioneers under a difficult and challenging pandemic period of time. You all, each and every one, deserve our respect. Chapeau! Also the University must be congratulated, the dedicated investments in a new ambitious institution in the region are now giving return in young educated people with the potential of taking on the future challenges of India as well as the rest of the world. The faculty of the SRM AP must also be recognized. Without your efforts and dedication this historic day would not have happened. I had the privilege to work closely with SRM AP in its earliest days, which on a day like today gives me a personal satisfaction, and I regret I cannot be present today.

Dr Bertil Andersson

President Emeritus, NTU, Singapore; Chairman of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry in 1997

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