A Talk on ‘Expansive Soils’

Date: January 09, 2018

On the evening of 9th January, 2018 a seminar was held on the topic of Expansive Soils-Problems, practice and solutions in SRM Amaravati. The talk was delivered by a faculty member, Dr. Arif Ali Baig Moghal. His speech began with the introduction of Expansive Soil, its functions and applications. The lecture described the damages from expansive soils during and after making building, roads and other constructional works, briefly explaining loading duration effects and compressibility characteristics.

Dr. Moghal provided some, very understandable and realistic examples of the damages from expansive soils and also described the reasons behind them. In the end, he narrated some of the remedial strategies that can be taken to resolve the damages including soil stabilization, soil replacement, soil-fiber replacement and deep foundation techniques. Towards the end of this informative session, questions by students and faculties were answered. The session was fruitful in providing significant insights about the ecosystem.

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