Confronting Multidisciplinary Challenges
SRM University, AP, Amaravati strives to build an active research community committed to interdisciplinary working. Major investments are made to attract academic fellowships. We are dedicated to tackling global challenges in various disciplines including medical, technology, high-value engineering and the list keeps going on. Our investment in facilities, highly specialized equipment and tools are a stimulating factor for driving research in multiple subjects.

Technology Transfer
A highly organized research at SRM University, AP – Amaravati makes learning easier in specific interest areas. The researchers connect with people and resources in a given region. We believe in fruitful partnership to promote a range of services including sponsored research collaborations, use of research facilities for community welfare, technology licensing and more. We are also working on effective intellectual property rights for our research accomplishments.

Investment and Commercialization
SRM University, AP, Amaravati has invested in the commercialization process, directed towards propagating new ideas and invention by determining the map to seamless transfer from our laboratory to the industry. Our enviable track record goes to prove the success of our research and innovative concepts. At every step, we strengthen our position by striving hard to reach the top ranking universities listing for research and development in the country and on the global stage.