Next Tech Lab

Next Tech Lab is a proven successful experiment in the field of groundbreaking research led solely by students. Starting off at SRM University in Kattankulathur, the lab has an impeccable track record of winning hackathons, publishing in top journals and has received validation from the finest Professors around the world. Next Tech Lab provides a platform for students to learn, research and implement their ideas and develop their skills to disrupt industries and build companies of the future.

Only lab in India to have won the most number of hackathons

In a short stint of one year, the lab has become an epicenter of innovation and research in the latest fields of technology untapped by many institutions like IITs and even around the world. With a wide presence all over the internet and also being the only lab to have won the most number of hackathons, this for Next Tech Lab is just the beginning. We have received multiple requests from different Universities in India to build the same model for their campuses, but we decided to give back again to the place which has given us so much.

What the lab can offer to SRM - AP?

  • We can offer guidance to the entire student population on how to productively use their time which will in turn help them during the four years of their life at SRM Amaravati
  • Teaching them how to secure international internships, research projects and prepare them to get the most out of their under graduation life -MS or PhD? Start-up?
  • Next Tech Lab is not just about the work or the research, it is about the individual who is part of the movement. We make sure that an individual grows and finds his/her purpose in life.
  • We will help the entire first batch to learn and build their profiles. We will also help them learn the exact skills required to get hired by major tech giants.
  • Students mentored by Next Tech Lab will be ready to solve the problems of today and tomorrow enabling them to plan their start-up and know “the tech” required for it
  • A strong, tightly-knit culture will be built with the help of Next Tech Lab which will inspire students to work harder and set examples to the larger student community
  • It is good to have an international aspect for SRM-AP students and we will foster it with our personal experience at MIT and Carnegie Mellon

Next Tech Lab - UB706, SRM University, Kattankulathur, Chennai - 603203 |

Prof. Rohan Abeyaratne, MIT had the following to say about Next Tech Lab when he visited.

I met some extraordinary undergraduate students of yours, and they impressed me so greatly that I haven't stopped talking about them yet. I applaud you for mentoring students in this way”, he said

The professor also noted that he had never seen any initiative of this kind around the world and commended us for bringing back distilled knowledge from our experience at the MIT Media Lab and imparting it to our juniors. We believe that Next Tech Lab and its foundation along with our presence and mentoring to SRM AP students will change the phrase “Some extraordinary students” to include all students at SRM-AP when Prof. Rohan visits the campus.

The students trained during the period of contract will go on to become the future Leaders, Professors, Think Tanks and build a billion dollar economy or more.