Department of History

B.A. History degree at SRM Amaravati is a liberal arts education that provides a thorough understanding of global and Indian history across ages with the interdisciplinary focus and engagement with the fields like archaeology, geography, sociology, political science, philosophy, languages and economics. 

The program is designed to equip students with the knowledge of historical processes, events and transformations in world and Indian History from Stone Age to the contemporary world. Ph. D is an option to aspirants who wish to excel in this archaic field of study.  

By putting forth the various arguments/positions on the nature of the discipline, the program is designed to ensure that the students gather and are equipped to answer the question as to what is history; the perspective that there are many histories of the same event will drive the entire program and thus dispel the notion of history being just a narrative of dates and personalities. 

Apart from equipping students with knowledge of history, the courses in the program are designed to develop academic skills like reading, writing, speaking, reasoning, textual interpretation and seminar presentation which in turn equips our students to face today’s world with yesterday’s knowledge, thereby paving way for a better tomorrow. Continuous evaluation through tutorials, term papers and seminars apart from the end-term examinations will be the hallmark of this program. Students will also pursue Foundation Courses and Minors across other departments within the School of Liberal Arts and Basic Sciences, thereby making the program truly multidisciplinary. 

The program contains necessary knowledge in the subject for pursuing higher degree in Social Sciences, from an inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach as well as to equip the students to face such competitive exams like the civil services. History is a study of the past that branches out into an assortment of subjects from Paleontology, Heritage Management, Museum curation to Archaeology, Archive management Civil Services, Conservation officer etc. Each an exciting career prospect in itself as it involves unravelling the mysteries of our forefathers, ancestry and its relevance to the modern world. 

Degrees Offered 

  • B.A. in History  
  • Ph.D. in History