SHRISTI provides support & facilities for entrepreneurs and product development

The Innovation and Research centre at SRM University - AP, Amaravati will include a world-class research space with flexibility to rent or lease research equipment, usage of common equipment on a shared basis, assistance and guidance for your business from veterans in the industry, one-on-one mentoring, building professional networks, raising funds through angel investors, banks and other NBFCs.

SHRISTI provides a wide array of resources including but not limited to the following:

  • Space for office, meetings, conferences at affordable rates
  • Shared access to state-of-the-art research equipment as well as office equipment
  • Mentoring by industry experts who coach startups and provide erudite business insights

SHRISTI offers an innovative office space for budding entrepreneurs. The space aims to promote and facilitate intellectual pursuits. It comes fully furnished with latest IT and communication infrastructure and conference rooms for brainstorming. With particular emphasis on Flexibility, the spaces are designed to be leased or rented at affordable prices.

SHRISTI offers shared labs to facilitate access to the latest equipment and to aid in the commercialization of research. The facility provides state-of-the-art instrumentation for entrepreneurs to work on their prototypes. The labs house an array of equipment from electron microscopes to 3D printers, which are available for a nominal fee to all eligible entrepreneurs and corporations.

The labs also employ full-time lab managers who are experts in troubleshooting the instruments and assist in data interpretation.


mentors from the Industry

One of the most unique features of SHRISTI is the presence of expert mentors who serve as a coach for startups by providing valuable business management advice. This helps startups and entrepreneurs to overcome the initial hiccups while setting up a business.

Some common areas of assistance include:

  • Developing an Effective Business Plan
  • Market Research & Study
  • Building an efficient marketing strategy
  • Roadmaps for growth
  • Connecting to Investors

for Students to Innovate

While SHRISTI focuses on helping startups flourish, it lays equal emphasis on providing a space for students of SRM University - AP, Amaravati, to gain a hands-on experience in research and the opportunity to observe the workings of a startup in close quarters. Students are taken on as free interns or paid interns by the startups in the incubation centre. The outreach team of the department helps to connect students with the entrepreneurs.

Areas of Operation

SHRISTI will evolve organically as an important component of the research culture and community at SRM University - AP, Amaravati. SHRISTI will act as the catalyst that transforms academic research into commercially successful ventures.

SHRISTI will focus on the three primary growth areas across ten industrial verticals, of the state of Andhra Pradesh and the upcoming capital city Amaravati – EDTECH, FINTECH and INFOTAINMENT.

Eligibility to be a part of SHRISTI

Partnering with the right ideas is at the crux of the success of the incubation centre. As the years roll by, SHRISTI will have a year around admission process. Right now, SHRISTI is looking for applications that satisfy the following criteria.

  • The idea must be centred on the three core themes identified by the incubation centre
  • Preference is given to entrepreneurs lesser than 40 years of age, though older applicants are considered on the basis of their idea
  • The idea must be scalable within a period of three years into a profitable business proposition
  • The business must be in the early stages of development
  • It must not require exorbitant capital investments
  • An IP creation must be part of the proposal. However, pure-play service offerings will also be considered

Be a part of the Intellectual Community @ SHRISTI and make your ideas happen