Adding Fuel to your Inspiring Ideas & Transforming them into a Successful Business

SHRISTI offers extensive benefits to entrepreneurs, the student community, Amaravati and Andhra Pradesh, the nation and the entire human populace.

SHRISTI’s contributions for Amaravati and the Nation

  • As a top-notch business incubator, SHRISTI would be at the forefront of investments in the region and help in accelerating the economic growth of the state and ultimately the nation as a whole.
  • It will inspire other universities around the country to set up their own business incubation centre to fuel further economic growth across the country.
  • SHRISTI aims to create high-revenue jobs thereby improving the per capita income of the state

For Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Emerging Startups

  • SHRISTI provides immense funding worth around five crores, to begin with, for innovative and inspiring ideas.
  • It provides a conducive environment for ideas to bloom and flourish in the right environment. By freeing up innovators and entrepreneurs from the mundane tasks like renting office space, procuring equipment, they can focus on their core business principles.
  • With expert mentors and a network of business leaders, the centre guides young entrepreneurs on the right track when it comes to promoting their business.

For the Student Community of SRM University - AP, Amaravati

  • As a space for transitioning ideas into working prototypes and a centre for engaging in intellectual pursuits, SHRISTI perfects the academic ambiance of the university.
  • Students get to interact, engage and work closely with budding entrepreneurs igniting them to tread on the entrepreneurial route.