SHRISTI is an innovation ecosystem for entrepreneurs to grow and excel

Welcome to SHRISTI, the one-of-a-kind innovation and research centre in the country. Located in the heart of the campus of SRM University - AP, Amaravati, it will be home to projects that transcend the boundaries of traditional academics, benefitting entrepreneurs, industries, students and the community as a whole.

SHRISTI is the acronym for SRM Habitat for Research & Innovation in Science & Technology Industries. The Integrated Research & Innovation Center is SRM University, AP, Amaravati’s world-class facility for interdisciplinary research and discovery.

As the University’s premier research facility, SHRISTI offers space and world-class amenities for growing startups to become more visible, more stable and to be better equipped for growth while helping startups to network with the experts in the industry. SHRISTI provides you infrastructure, facilities, connections, advice and expertise all at your fingertips.

Maybe you’re looking for a workspace better equipped than your garage to build your prototype? Or maybe your business is growing rapidly and you are looking for the right space to lease at affordable rates? Or maybe you just want to be introduced to the right network of industry experts, bankers to help you meet your objectives? Whatever be your needs, if you’re eligible, SHRISTI, provides you with everything to help your business grow and excel.

SRM University, AP, Amaravati envisioned a valuable business incubation centre for upcoming startups to fuel the economic growth of Amaravati and the surrounding regions.

True to its name, SHRISTI provides a carefully designed environment for young and fragile businesses to flourish. By providing the right guidance and access to latest resources, SHRISTI is a surefire way to success for startups and entrepreneurs. It helps upcoming startups change their fundamental ethos and helps them develop and deliver world-class products and services in a profitable manner.

SHRISTI also ensures that each one of the students at SRM University, AP, Amaravati engage with an entrepreneurial venture so that they evolve into problem solvers with a passion for exploring and discovering.

SRM University, AP, Amaravati’s mission is to “Disseminate World-class knowledge and to ignite a culture of innovation.” SHRISTI aims to give wings to the university’s mission.

  • To get established as the region’s top-notch business incubation centre that guides and inspires aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • To reduce the turnaround time for ideas to transition into a full-fledged operational and successful business.
  • To work hand in hand with the companies that graduate to help them contribute both economically and socially to the regions in and around Amaravati.
  • To emerge as the centre of learning for each and every student in SRM University, AP, Amaravati and in other institutions in and around the country.

Roadmap for the Next Ten Years

To graduate more than one hundred companies and to collectively contribute over 1 billion worth of market cap and to create tens of thousands of high-paying jobs for students in and around the region.