Date: 11th November,2017.

On this beautiful Saturday morning, the course designers of MITx, Mr. Brandon Muramatsu Associate Director, Ms. Glenda S. Stump and Ms. Kirky Delong, Senior Project Managers at Strategic Education Initiatives MIT, visited the campus of SRM University AP-Amaravati and interacted with the students regarding the impact of the on-going curriculum, designed based on MITx courses.

Mr. Brandon Muramatsu, the Associate Director of MIT started his informative speech by notifying the audience about the vision and aim of the MITx courses. He provided an insight about how the courses are designed and the history of the MIT Open Course Ware. He presented the vastness of these courses engulfing subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

Next, the students put forth their experiences about the MITx courses. As answer to one of the question, he assured the students that these courses will help build their careers. Kirkey Delouy, the Project manager of MIT and Glenda S. Stump, the Education Officer of MIT also shared their experiences and gave valuable suggestions.

Later during the day, a workshop to the faculty members was delivered by the MITx team. During interactions, the team expressed their strong confidence in the active learning mechanisms adopted at MIT. Since some of the faculty members of SRM AP-Amravati have already undergone training at MIT and subsequently implemented some of the exciting active learning exercises here, they expressed that this approach provides a faster and much enhanced understanding of core technical concepts among students and paves the way for stronger and in-depth learning outcomes.

October 21, 2017

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences organized a guest lecture at the university atrium.  The students had the privilege of having an interactive session with Mr. S. Ravishankar, Head Factories, Lotte India Ltd. on the topic “Expectations of the Industry from Fresh Graduates”.

Mr.Ravishankar shared insights on most sought-after traits by industry, their expectations from fresh graduates and key inputs on preparing themselves to be job-ready. He further stressed upon the importance of inculcating lateral thinking, decision making, team-work and leadership qualities.

October 7, 2017

Students created their own Augmented reality powered apps in the span of 2 hours using the Unity game engine with Vuforia SDK. Attendees learnt the basics of Unity, the functioning of Vuforia’s Computer Vision technology and building/compiling Android/iOS apps.

September 22, 2017

Mr. Sanjay Renewade and Mr. Santosh Srinivas, representatives of Titan Company Ltd., Hosur engaged the students of SRM Amravati in a productive conversation regarding technological advancements in manufacturing. They spoke to students about the use of emerging technologies such as HCI (human machine interactions), IoT and Artificial Intelligence in businesses these days.


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