Date: November 21, 2017

Adding another starmark to its glory, SRM team has once again come up with a revolutionary mega project-Jal-Janak Rail (Hydrogen Powered Train). A complete green, HYDROGEN powered TRAIN is proposed jointly by SRM University and Integral Coach Factory, Chennai.

Address by Vice-President, TCS

Date: November 21, 2017

On the morning of November 21, 2017, a lecture was arranged in the atrium of SRM-AP with Ms. Hema Gopal, Vice-President of Tata Consultancy Services Limited. In her opening remarks she emphasized the importance and growing influence of IT sector in our daily lives. She educated the student community on various ways of making a bright career in IT industry, keeping in view its widespread product applications, in both personal and professional fronts. During her lecture, she presented some of the interesting facts and figures related to IT sector. She explained, how students can get through in IT sectors and contribute to various fields including automobile, software, tele-communication, transportation, medical, defense, aerospace, design, education, banking and insurance etc. She later informed students that irrespective of their specialization in undergraduate education they can very well join IT industries after completion of course and obtain expertise in interested IT field over a period of time, leading to an excellent career. She also emphasized on the social development as well the national development that we can gain from IT sectors. Overall, students found her speech as quite informative, interesting and knowledgeable. The lecture was followed by question-answer session at the end.

Date: November 15, 2017

On the afternoon of 15th November, 2017 a very special talk on ‘industry Connect’ was held in the atrium of SRM-Amaravati. The honorary guest for the afternoon was Parameshwar Babu, Managing Director, Param Projects Private Limited, Chennai. The main focus of his speech was to be connected with industries and learn their working.

He started his speech with a brief description of his own industry ‘Param Industries Private Limited’ and the beginning of his company by struggling and developing his own career. They introduced commercially viable Java products prior to 1999. He introduced all with the cycle of employee and employer. He also described the facts or problems that take place when someone starts doing their own business or entrepreneurship such as: what stages people cross when they start their new ventures. He informed the audiences that they are working to promote the growth of work based education and how they are using the nano-technology to improve their work. He notified that they are heading for the possible outcomes of this tech-entrepreneur ecosystem from the fresher of all over the India and also he motivated everyone to be a part of the entrepreneur world. Industries look forward to have good and skilled freshers to work together, so he said everyone and motivated to be a good starter of their own business.

Joining an industry takes a lot of hard work and skills. This is what the world is heading towards.

A Musical Evening on Campus

Date: November 14th, 2017

On 14th November 2017, a musical evening was arranged by The Student Council of SRM, Amaravati supported by the Department of Student Affairs. The event was graced by the presence of Smt. Sugunamma M. – MLA of Tirupati. Shrimati Sugunamma addressed the students and gave them the greetings of Children’s Day.

Hon’ble Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr. Narayana Rao, announced the creation of the Student Executive Body of SRM, The Student Council, and The SRM Houses – namely, Agni, Aero, Aqua and Terra – to the students of SRM. Mr. Rana Vikram Singh – Assistant Director Student Affairs announced the names of the Office Holders of The Student Council and the Team Members of the SRM Houses.

The announcements were celebrated with joy and vigor of music and dance. Students of various Departments presented dance performances along with singing items. Right from Bharatanatyam to Beat Boxing, the students enjoyed performances with admiration.


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