SRM Amaravati will create a multicultural and interdisciplinary environment. It will bring together students from diverse cultures and backgrounds into a harmonious system. It will be globally connected, nationally relevant and regionally transformative. Combining academic rigor, excitement of discovery and an atmosphere of entrepreneurship, this university will unlock students’ creative quotient.

Dynamic education

It create a pervasive academic environment by providing learning and living spaces that enable dynamic education both inside and outside the classrooms. This is supported by a flexible curriculum, customized by experts, to allow for education to match their interests. Minors in areas of interest like economics, finance, cinema, will be offered alongside majors in the traditional engineering streams


Multiple knowledge partnerships are being struck with some of the premier educational institutions for programs, curriculum, content, facilitating progressive teaching methods such as hybrid learning and allowing for student exchanges and joint research

Undergraduate research opportunity program

The UROP cultivates and supports research opportunities between students and faculty. Under the tutelage of their eminent faculty, students at an undergraduate level will be provided facilities to pursue meaningful research in areas of their interest.


Give wings to your dreams by being part of the SRM community


Give wings to your dreams by being part of the SRM community