A stairway to academic excellence

Welcome to SRM University, AP – Amaravati campus - your ticket to freshman admission to the B.Tech course. SRM assures an unmatched college experience clubbed with challenging academics. Life at the campus is exciting, finding people from varied cultural, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds coming together, under the illuminating light of knowledge. The spirit in the campus is undeterred by external influences and students bond with each other as a community. The innovative programmes are guided by stellar faculty and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

SRM University, AP – Amaravati is a collaborative community where there are no limitations and the students aren't bogged down by stereotyped learning. Priority is given to intelligence and talent. Here we make everything work.

The opportunities are immense at SRM but the graduate programme is offered only to the most qualified. We believe in providing equal opportunity for all without any discrimination of sex, race, colour, religion, ancestry, gender, marital status, disabled, nationality or otherwise.

This year, we are offering four courses in engineering:

  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Reach the pedestal of success by following these simple criteria

  • Securing a minimum of 60% in the Class 12 board examination in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics individually
  • Qualifying in any one of the following criteria
    • A rank within 1,25,000 in IIT-JEE (mains)
    • A rank within 35,000 in SRM-JEEE
    • A test score of minimum 1200 in SAT subject tests

Students qualify for the B.Tech programme based on the composite score of the Entrance Examination Scores in one of the following three qualifying exams. The Exam Scores have a weightage of 70%.

  • SRM JEEE or IIT JEE (Mains) or SAT
  • The correlation of student scores of all the above three entrance examinations will be normalized
  • For students submitting more than one score, the top ranking will be considered
  • The interview carries a weightage of 20% in the overall score.
  • Based on the ranking, interview intimation will be sent to the candidates
  • A panel of subject matter experts will conduct the interview.
  • The interview is divided into multiple components to estimate the candidate's’ subject knowledge and personality.
  • An additional portfolio representing their achievements in extracurricular activities like sports, literature, fine arts, etc. have to be submitted. This accounts for 10% weightage of the overall score.
  • Participation in science projects, conclaves, symposiums, certification programs, international seminars and other academic and non-academic achievements will also be considered.

The following set of meritorious students will be given direct admissions in SRM University, AP, Amaravati.

  • National Board Toppers: Merit list in either Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics or sub 5000 ranks in CBSE
  • National entrance exam topper: Within 5000 ranks in IIT JEE OR Within 1000 ranks in SRM JEEE
  • State level board toppers: Within 100 ranks
  • State level entrance exam toppers: Within 100 ranks
  • NTSE / KVPY scholars
  • InPhO / InChO / INMO / INOI / INAO – National level Olympiad attendees (or higher levels such as national level camp or representing India in the international Olympiads in the same subjects)

SRM University, AP – Amaravati offers scholarships for deserving candidates on a merit cum need basis. You can apply for the scholarship once your course commences. A separate panel of faculty will review each application based on the following criteria:

  • Merit
  • Economic Status
  • Socially underprivileged
  • Differently Abled
    • Scholarships are based on the sole discretion of the Scholarship Panel
    • Full Scholarships (Tuition Fee and Accommodation Fee Waiver) is provided to ⅙th of the total students enrolled
    • Part-Scholarships (Only Tuition Fee Waiver) is provided to ⅓ rd of the total students enrolled


Give wings to your dreams by being part of the SRM community