School of Engineering & Applied Sciences

Computer Science Engineering
The Computer Science department builds the networks and infrastructure of tomorrow. We teach students to think outside the box to create breakthrough technology in the fields of informatics. The C.Sc department will be of regional, national and international importance working towards advancements in computer technology and focusing on emerging areas of AI, data analytics, cryptography and more

Electrical and Electronic Engineering
The EEE department at SRM looks to transcend today’s boundaries of engineering and technology and make significant strides forwards. We will embody the cross disciplinary approach to leap forward in multiple fields of medicine, robotics and others. The EEE department pertains to the technological development and advances and so the methodology of instructing remains to students. This department is embedded with other disciplines and stays an open platform for students to come out with new range of engineering opportunities. The programs offered under this discipline have been designed to reach a balanced knowledge acquisition in terms of specialization and expedition.

Electronics and Communication Engineering
Communication is changing the world, and we will be part of this change. This convergence of the fields of computing and electronics will enable us to revolutionize life and work. Keeping in view of this ever green technology importance and huge demand for Telecommunication Engineers for the nation needs, SRM trains students to reach the multiple aspects of exploration and creation. This is one of the important factors that favor excellent placement results for our students. There is wide range of career opportunities for ECE students worldwide. We see to it that our students experience the flexibility in drifting between hardware and software when it comes to career options.

Mechanical Engineering
Our mechanical engineering department will address the world’s chief concern of energy efficiency and alternate resources. We will push forward to identify and utilize new and renewable power sources for a greener and cleaner world. We will also focus on creating and analyzing materials to change the way we live our lives. We indulge in making the students feel the spirit of understanding the key concepts of Mechanical Engineering raging from Kinematics, thermodynamics, manufacturing, etc. Students in turn experience the ease of applying the conceptual learning in design and analysis of mechanical concepts such as aircraft, heating and cooling systems, industrial equipment & machinery, etc