SRM University, AP – Amaravati offers the best in-class educational facilities which focus not only on theoretical knowledge but lay emphasis on practical lessons and methods in which the teachings can be implemented in real life scenarios and gives the students an edge in the challenging job market.

Students are exposed to a hybrid learning system, incorporating digital resources, interactive classrooms, and other such progressive methodologies

At SRM University, AP – Amaravati, the learning process isn't limited to the textbooks or syllabus alone. Young boys and girls enrolling themselves at SRM walk out after completing their course as confident, mature men and women, ready to face the competitive world. SRM aims to provide the students a unique learning experience and builds them up to be responsible citizens serving the society.

Students at SRM are encouraged to develop their talents, and we consider each student to be unique in their way. Each one has their set of skills and fields of excellence. We nurture those hidden talents and help them build it.

Research facilities are available for students seeking to go an extra mile and do their part in the vast field of innovative research. Ample infrastructure, well-equipped libraries, state-of-the-art laboratories, efficient and guiding staff all work together to build the future budding talents of tomorrow. They are the future Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Engineers, Doctors and Lawyers who will carry their skills to the world outside. They discover their wings and desire to fly high through the exposure and opportunities they get at SRM University, AP – Amaravati.

In the field of Engineering and Applied Sciences, SRM University, AP – Amaravati, offers a complete job-oriented, hands-on training and teaching facilities backed by well-equipped laboratories and the latest tools and machinery. The Engineering and Applied Sciences of SRM focuses on a detailed study of engineering theories and practices, conducting researches and innovations. The various departments of the Engineering and Applied Sciences are:

Graduate Studies

The various graduation courses in engineering that are making a tremendous impact on everyday life like:

  1. Computer Science Engineering
  2. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  3. Electronics and Communication Engineering
  4. Mechanical Engineering

The students can select a branch of their choice among these four engineering graduate courses.

After completion of the graduation, students who wish to pursue higher studies on a specified branch or subject can opt for the postgraduate and doctoral programs available at SRM University, AP, Amaravati.

  • Post Graduate studies
  • Doctoral studies

Over the next few years, SRM University, AP – Amaravati will launch programs in the fields of liberal arts, medical and health sciences, law, and management, thereby creating a truly integrated and interdisciplinary university.